Making Marketing More Real

tools for adding people’s voice to brand marketing


Technology has made a lot of things possible today like collaborating with external content makers.

Easy external collaboration

From signed users, shareable links, API customizable content collection pages. It easy now to collect more content from collaborators.

Building a New Internet

People deeply trust human opinions. A new internet is being built with people’s opinions driving more marketing.

People driven video content

Khataak’s video workflow, editing automation & content management makes it easy to collect videos from publicly & external collaborators.

Embrace the Future

User generated content is the future of marketing. User generated video content at scale is the next thing.

Video Content is powerful

Video content such as reviews are powerful, yet expensive to produce. We make it easier,  to produce through our tools. Video content is future – embrace it faster with us.

How it Works

#1 Invite Collaborators

Invite external collaborators through signups or shareable links for content

#2 Setup Collection Template

Setup a content collection template. Collaborate can here record, upload, edit videos/images. Preload the template with guidelines, quality checks & editing tools to ensure good quality content

#3 Review & Edit

Review the quality standards such as is the audio clear? Do editing in a quick and easy to use customized studio that saves time.

#4 Publish & Enjoy

Enjoy your published results – now your marketing has reached a new orbit. You’re bringing future closer – one video at a time.


Custom Workflow Studio

Custom studios give you an editing pipeline exactly as per your workflow. It automates mundane tasks, saves time and allows for building great quality content easily at scale.

It is great for your users, who can make professional quality content easily

Follow Brand Guidelines

Our custom studios pre-build all the brand guidelines and elements into the custom studios to be used by users – making it easy for users to stick to brand guidelines.

Automated User Content Approvals

Using content from your users require that you get a legal approval from them to use the content. Get this online with our tools

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